Yuka: Scattered Shards of the Yokai 6 No Commentary

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Lewd or Sexual scenes:
(0:08, 03:47, 5:37, 7:47, 9:30, 10:54, 12:15, 15:53, 17:47, 18:23, 19:34, 20:36, 22:40, 24:54, 29:00, 29:29, 31:31, 33:52, 34:45, 35:46, 37:43, 40:47, 44:50, 46:33, 50:26)
Final chapter! this time with probably the most scenes I've ever uploaded in a single video, but it doesn't matter.
(´・ᴗ・ ` )
This game was pretty good, but it's not my favorite of the author's, to be honest. The scenes were very tedious to get out, the hints didn't help, and in the last two scenes, I had to use the room collection because it was impossible to finish in time since the hints they gave you to get them were incomplete or vague.
Besides the other two endings. to get them, you had to do much more work just to get 5 minutes of content.

I had no room collection in Spacecraft Todoroki, and yet it was much easier to get everything, even though I got lost a lot of times.
ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
Anyway, it's a good game, and I will definitely upload the author's new game when the English translation comes out. As always, thank you all for your support, both financially and in the form of encouraging comments. It always makes my day!
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